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Baby Sam Samuel is by nature, a humanist and by profession, a management professional.

Based in the Sultanate of Oman, this high impact entrepreneurial executive is currently involved in diverse entrepreneurial activities. His core expertise is in brand recognition, business development, and turnaround & crisis management, gained through the cross cultural experience amassed over 16+ years in senior management roles across various sectors, particularly, IT.

He is presently donning multiple hats, being the General Manager & Business Designer for the IT Company Intertech LLC as well as Organization mentor for the design house Adventz, Muscat. In a consultative capacity, he plays the role of a Brand advisor & business mentor for few other start-up initiatives in Oman as well, including 2 mid-sized entities (in the areas of IT), while also exploring other possible avenues of entrepreneurship.

Inspired by start-ups, turnarounds and entrepreneurial ventures, and driven by an indomitable will to succeed, his managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities are underlined by his passion for work and life in general.

Career background includes various roles and responsibilities that span all phases of operational platforms, business development cycles, sales & marketing and post-sale professional services. Having started out as a marketing consultant in 2000, within a span of just a decade, he has made a name for himself in the field of management consultancy.

A momentous decision, taken early on in his career, was to steer away from big names, leaving large and enticing corporate entities for smaller, yet promising firms. In a latest example, He has been instrumental in a magical turnaround of the company Intertech in less than four months. He also brought about a turnaround for Adventz, and made the venture sustainable in less than six months. Establishing these firms into sustainable, profit making enterprises has given Baby Sam Samuel the impetus to focus his skills in the direction of management consultancy, particularly in the field of turnaround and crises management.

A highly articulate independent thinker, he offers key focus in Tactic & Strategic Management, Strategic marketing consultancy, Branding, Innovation consulting and Turnaround management.

He is also very passionate about social empowerment. He is the President of Anjappam Charitable Trust, a social enterprise that is currently running an economy restaurant in India. Another project he is spearheading is 'Little Hugs', a children's home in Kerala, India that is underway.

In Oman, he is involved with Knowledge Oman - the largest voluntary initiative in the Sultanate, in their initiative to spread knowledge and impart education.

He was previously Senior Vice President of Knowledge Oman, where he was heading the Coaching & Mentoring Unit & leading Knowledge Oman in areas of Social Entrepreneurship Development, Strategic partnership, and Branding & Operations, including running the Social Entrepreneurship programs of KO in association with Riyada & C3.

Educational background includes Master’s in Business Administration – MBA (Specialization- Marketing), Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management – PGDHRM (Specialization: HR) and a PHD in Entrepreneurship in progress.


His current profile can be summarized as follows:

- General Manager of InterTech LLC, Muscat, Oman - a post assumed in mid-2013 through which Baby Sam has been instrumental in singlehandedly bringing about a magical turnaround in InterTech's finances first from the crisis of an all-time low to a state of normalcy within a period of months and then to the company's highest ever growth since inception within just 2 years.

- Business Designer and Organization Mentor for a Design House in Oman, Adventz - a firm that has been winning Awards for its portfolios consecutively for the past few years and is currently rated as the top digital consultancy firm in Oman

- Consultant offering Turnaround Management, Strategic Consultancy & Business Mentoring & winner of 2015 Global Achievement Award for 'Business Consulting'

- Business Advisor for a few start-up initiatives.

- Investor in Innovative Business Ideas

- Director & BOD member of Knowledge Oman – the award winning volunteer organisation in Oman. As a Director & BOD member, he is in charge of Branding & Enterprise & also offers services to KO Core Management in a mentoring & advisory capacity.

- Director of Indian Schools in Oman

- Director in Charge, Center for Special Education, Oman

- President, Anjappam Charitable Trust - a social enterprise food aid project

- Visiting Management Lecturer, Key note speaker for major university events / seminars, Panel discussions moderator etc.

Key Offerings
  • General Management
  • Brand Management
  • Turnaround Management
  • Tactic & Strategic Management
  • Innovation consulting
  • Business strategy management
  • Productivity Enhancement plans/Trainings
  • New product development
  • Contract/ Price Negotiations
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Mentoring, Team Development & Motivation
  • Lean Management
  • JV's/Mergers/VC strategies
Associated Organisations


InterTech LLC

Knowledge Oman

Indian schools BOD

Causes & Interests
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Social Welfare
  • Social Enterprises & Start Ups
  • Trainings & Seminars
  • Travel

Turnaround Consultancy

Turnaround management is the systematic and rapid implementation of a range of measures to correct a seriously unprofitable situation. The important difference conventional management and turnaround management is that in the case of latter, time is of essence. Rapid action is the key.

Turnaround is relevant for all kinds of businesses, whether a start-up or having decades of experience behind them. No company is stable forever. All organisations sooner or later do face a crisis situation. Organizational sickness can be precipitated by internal actions or inactions or by external circumstances and environmental factors. Any company facing sickness requires urgent turnaround action. The financial distress and the accompanying anxiety can pose special challenges to the capabilities and decision-making processes of most professional management teams, which in turn leads to further damage.

However, it is not just "sick" companies, i.e., companies that are financially in trouble, that may need a turnaround but also those that are stagnant in terms of growth and ambition.

Baby Sam brings to the table the experience and expertise to apply sound practices of turnaround management to failing businesses along with a special set of skills to deal with crisis and change. He offers his services in terms of tracing the symptoms, defining the problems, and proposing solutions that are possible within the context of available human and financial resources. As an external turnaround manager with no obligations to bias the decision-making process, he brings fresh eye and complete objectivity.

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring is an all-encompassing service that includes guidance and inspiration, management assistance, financial counselling, marketing advice etc. A business mentor often acts as a guiding light, a consultant and an advisor offering guidance based on experience and expertise.

Mentoring services could aid current and prospective business owners in identifying new opportunities, increasing sales, solving business challenges and creating sustainable growth.

A business mentor who can be a sounding board while also offering a fresh perspective can greatly benefit new business owners and start-ups especially in the SME sector.

Baby Sam Samuel, with his deep understanding of Oman and its market dynamics backed by his expertise in the world of Business management, offers mentoring services including insights into General Management and Business Development and confidential one-on-one advice for businesses, particularly for start-ups and small and medium scale enterprises.

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic Consultancy involves support with high level decision making. Strategic consultants assist top management with development and often execution of strategic plans.

The functional areas covered often include the following:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Functional Strategy
  • IT/ICT Strategy
  • Innovation/ Growth

For Baby Sam Samuel, Strategic and Tactical thinking is his forte. From brainstorming to collection & review of information to strategy formulations, Baby Sam Samuel holistically answers the high level strategic questions that organisations encounter and offers solutions for the critical challenges faced by them.


Sh. Said Bin Saif Bin Hashil Al Maskeri

General Manager, Composite Pipes Industry LLC

The maestro of our turnaround was Baby Sam. The story began two years back. We had huge losses & were in a crisis. We identified the major issues we had and listed down the problems that needed to be solved urgently and for two months we tried to do it alone. It was successful but was very slow. So we thought that we might as well make use of someone who is specialized in turnaround strategy and that is where Sam came in. He refined the strategy, came up with new ideas, and because he was not emotionally attached to the success or failure, he was able to identify a lot of things that helped make the turnaround successful. I'm proud to say that after two years, the company is not only better off, but it is doing much better than it had done before the crisis.

Tariq Al Barwani

Founder – Knowledge Oman

"I had the opportunity to work closely with Sam on the leading community knowledge-sharing platform in the Sultanate - (Knowledge Oman) in addition to other professional projects at a personal level. Sam is talented, hardworking and indeed a professional who is committed for great results. I have no doubt Sam would add great value to any organization he joins, works or partners with, as he did with me in various projects we worked together. Sam is a man anyone can depend on for impact and results!"

Rym Aoudia

President - Knowledge Oman

"BabySam Samuel is a great team player and leading professional who has channeled his expertise to serving businesses and society. It’s been an honor working with BabySam at Knowledge Oman, a leading platform in the country for social innovation and knowledge-sharing, who has proven his dedication to giving back to society, leading solutions and impacting positive change."

Leslie Quadros

Managing Partner at J-Cube International - Renewable Energy | BioMass

"Sam is someone to be looked up to in this region as a true professional. The Values, Business Ethics & Standards that he sets for himself and the organization is incredible. He is man who can conceptualize and deliver that Final Output that you are looking for as a client. A man of great integrity and values!"

Parasuram Iyer

General Manager at Bahwan Electronics

"Baby Sam has the knack of being a professional but at the same time maintain a highly cordial personal rapport with his clients, peers and colleagues. He brings in a great level of integrity and intelligence to his work and is a great team leader. He has the ability to take his personal career and the organization he works for to great heights."

Timo Nurminen

CEO at Frontier Consulting

"I have worked with BabySam for 5+ years now on different IT projects and he is one of the few real pro's in the region. BabySam combines in depth technical knowledge with first class marketing and sales skills. He has also grown Al Kay's from small start up to one of Oman's fastest growing ICT Company with major references."

Ajith Nair

CEO - iAdepto Group

"Baby Sam is one who is highly dependable, articulate, a great ambassador and extremely good sales and account manager. His relationship building stands out. To put it in the right perspective, he is someone who can be called the Man Friday who usually bails you out if you are short of numbers in adverse situations."

Kabilan D

Founder Director Cetas Information Technology Pvt. Ltd

"Sam is a visionary guy. I've seen him turning a small startup company to a profitable venture in a very short period of time. Sam has a remarkable planning and execution capabilities with a strict timelines. On personal side he is a nice guy with good human values. I admire his PR skills and friendly nature."

Senthil Natarajan


"Baby SAM is man who knows in-depth of IT Solutions, In fact he always made us aware, what Auto ID Solution is all about. He has that edge in understanding the customer's requirement and winning the confidence by bombarding all the technical stuff by which customer is Flattened. Hats off to SAM and I am sure I have not seen such person till know who has not only a Sales capability but he is a good Business Man."

Jijo David Nellissery

Managing Director – Bridge Computing

"When I met Sam, he was a fresh MBA graduate with lot of ideas. I had marked him as a young entrepreneur who can reach heights and now he proved that I was right with his success stories. Through the years, we worked on various projects and I was impressed by his manner of doing business, managing people and his ability to come out with solutions for complex situations."

Stalin Peter Babu

Regional Sales Leader - IBM/TGCS - RSS (GCC)

"Baby Sam and I have worked in several sales opportunities and he is an excellent team player. He builds great rapport with his customers and team. He could easily manage the opportunity from start to finish and take lead." On the personal side, he is a fantastic personality, he run extra miles to get things done."

Manoj John Chacko

Associate Director, EY

"He is a good personality and easy to work with. He has a natural charm which helps him win a prospect. Top Qualities: Great Communication Skills, Friendly, Responsible"


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